Some Famous Naat Khawan List from Pakistan

Naat Khawan

Somebody who recites naat (poetry) referred to as Naat Khawan, Naat Khuwan or Sana Khuwan.
Background of Naat Khawans: Hassan ibn Thabit (RA) was the initial Naat Khawan (poet) of Muslim world who have started composing and reciting naats (poetries) to guard Islam against Kuffars. He got authorization from the holy Prophet (PBUH) to recite poems (naats). He was typically the most popular Naat Khawan (poet) of earlier times of Islam, he utilized to recite naat before the Last Messanger of Allah.
Some  Naat Khawan List: Clik The Naat Khawan Picture To Listen and download his Naats


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