Erase Me - Underoath

Erase Me


  • Genre: Rock
  • Release Date: 2018-04-06
  • Explicitness: explicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 11

  • ℗ 2018 Fearless Records, a division of Concord Music Group, Inc.


Title Artist Time
It Has To Start Somewhere Underoath 3:11 Free Download
Rapture Underoath 3:34 Free Download
On My Teeth Underoath 3:10 Free Download
Wake Me Underoath 3:40 Free Download
Bloodlust Underoath 3:32 Free Download
Sink With You Underoath 4:44 Free Download
Ihateit Underoath 3:27 Free Download
Hold Your Breath Underoath 3:29 Free Download
No Frame Underoath 3:46 Free Download
In Motion Underoath 3:35 Free Download
I Gave Up Underoath 4:02 Free Download


  • Trash

    By mexican_mouse
    Crap album
  • Oof

    By Icie3
    Their views of religion are so skewed now. I saw an interview where they were nonstop swearing-and were super awkward/cowardly about the way they were changing. It gives a bad image more than anything. Also-not great album either
  • Maturing?

    By FoBomb
    Why do bands think that adding profanity to their lyrics is going to prove to everyone that they have matured? I don't get it. Some of the lyrics sound a little anti-God to me, yeah so maybe I do get it.
  • Nickelback? Nope!

    By SPIKE....
    It’s not my favorite album by them, but it’s good. With that said, it sounds NOTHING like Nickelback. So all the clowns making that comparison are just flat out wrong.
  • Listen twice before final judgement!

    By scmgames2
    At first I wasn’t sure if I liked it but after listening to the album a second time(which I urge everyone do)... wow. This is awesome. I’ve come to realize and understand that bands making new albums later in their existence have no obligation to keep sounding the same way I like them to sound. They will do what they want and that’s fine. This though I feel is so different, yet so similar to their core sound I just can’t believe how they managed to do it. It has a touch more of a pop and modern post hardcore sound but none the less the core sound is 100% Underøath. Love it. And thanks for finally being able to say curse words like all human beings do. PS: All the people giving 1 star reviews for their songs being explicit really need to grow up. Making certain noises with your vocal cords doesn’t automatically make you any lesser of a person. It’s just expressing a certain type of emotion.
  • Trash

    By Bat cam
    They forsook Jesus Christ which made them a successful band in the first place. They have denied Christ and Christ in turn will deny them.
  • Keep On

    By extremedude5
    It’s sad that the Christian community would walk away from “cuss words”. We have more violence, hatred, anger, bitterness and resentment in our world and I’m astonished at why people choose to direct that negativity into Underoath. It’s cuss words- grow up and get a life. If your a Christian and you haven’t heard a cuss word before then you clearly haven’t been living your life to it’s full potential.
  • Dated

    By JayGarrick76
    Sound is dated. Not a fan anymore, you lost me. No one cares what you think about “Christianity”. Please retire “under oath”!
  • Personally I love it

    By Deathbat27
    Ive never been really big into underoath but this album was really great. I really don’t understand why a lot of people hated on it but we all have our own opinions. This album made me a fan of the band and I will forever be grateful
  • Two Words: Extreme Disappointment

    By happyandhopeful
    I feel differently then a lot of the other reviewers. Most are saying that Underoath's attempt at a new sound was a flop. I don't agree that it was an attempt at a new sound whatsoever and as far as the instrumentation goes, this album is killer. It is exactly what I would hope for from the best in the business. The percussion is insane (as always), the guitar tones and riffs are top-notch, and Spencer's voice is the best it has ever been! So why one star? The flop was the fact that they are complete sellouts! Their entire career was built on two things: they are talented beyond belief and they are unashamedly christian in a very bold way. In fact, they built their success on their faith. It is why so many people were drawn toward them. Going completely against the grain, these guys made music for something greater than themselves. Now, they are sprinting in the other direction with their tails between their legs. It's plain sad. I think it's pitiful that Spencer used the entire record to whine about his life. Go watch recent interviews; all he has to say is that a few Christians were judgemental and he flat out gave up. He caved under the pressure. Well so sorry to tell you guys, pressure is about the only thing that your "Lord" promised you. The lyrics on the record point to God as the one to blame. The reality is that this album points to a group of sellouts who are obviously immature in their own faith. The one who disappoints me the most is Gillespie. In one interview he mentions how it should be just fine to use the word "f@$k" in a song. That is completely besides the point, christian or not. I expected a lot more from him. Sad to hang up my hat as a fan. Looking forward to the instrumental-only cut.