Rainier Fog - Alice In Chains

Rainier Fog

Alice In Chains

  • Genre: Rock
  • Release Date: 2018-08-24
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 10

  • ℗ 2018 AIC Entertainment, LLC under exclusive license to BMG Rights Management (US) LLC


Title Artist Time
The One You Know Alice In Chains 4:49 Free Download
Rainier Fog Alice In Chains 5:01 Free Download
Red Giant Alice In Chains 5:25 Free Download
Fly Alice In Chains 5:18 Free Download
Drone Alice In Chains 6:30 Free Download
Deaf Ears Blind Eyes Alice In Chains 4:44 Free Download
Maybe Alice In Chains 5:36 Free Download
So Far Under Alice In Chains 4:33 Free Download
Never Fade Alice In Chains 4:40 Free Download
All I Am Alice In Chains 7:15 Free Download


  • Great

    By Jacksoncook225
    Tracks were very enjoyable. Very impressed.
  • Great listening Rock Album!

    By Music to your ears
    Spot on Lyrics and melodic guitar riffs.
  • Best band rebirth since AC/DC

    By _Rockasaurus_
    Yeah, I went there. If Back in Black through Flick of the Switch were a great trio of albums after tragically losing their front man; I put these three AIC albums right behind them. It's the kind of music you need to soak in for a few listens and then it starts to click. Not sure this is up their with Black Gives Way or Devil...time will tell. "Maybe" is a great tune and tracks 8 and 9 are a welcome dive back into more of a classic, hard driving grunge sound.
  • I'm with Andy1980s!

    By clamslam69
    I also have struggled to like the last 3 albums. They are good. And it has nothing to do with the singer. I miss the crazy time changes and diving into insanity like on the 1st two albums. I want twists and turns and not drag. Drag a little, maybe...but not the whole album.
  • I don’t know how they do it

    By Tim Goldberg
    They may have peaked in the 90s but AiC are still top-tier and this album is one of the best releases of 2018.
  • Pains me to say...

    By Snizzz
    ... but this by far the most mediocre AIC record. I’ve forced myself to listen over the last few months and every time I’m left feeling pretty underwhelmed. There’s not much to make me want to return to it.
  • Harmonizing

    By patsdiner
    Ok, let me say, the original Alice in Chains was an all time favorite. Contrasting that band with the current iteration has really made me analyze my tastes. In a word, harmonizing. Hate it. From the first time I heard the Beatles, through the Greatful Dead and Eagles, down to the Hooters; horrible. What was so compelling about the Staley version of AiC was the contrast between the voices. One was all angst and anger, the other resignation and depression. Now we have a drone in harmony (odd, they even named a song after it). I don't know what Jerry was thinking when he hired a sound-alike, but what was the point? Sort of like Simon hiring another Simon rather than a Garfunkel. Weird.
  • Best album of DuVall era

    By Dave Heath
    The last two albums were very good. Don’t get me wrong. However, this is the first one since the passing of Layne Staley that measures up to anything they made in the 90s. It’s creative enough not to be a rip off from the music of that era, while still being of such quality that it measures up to the glory days. Definitely my favorite release by any band in 2018.
  • Love it!!

    By AngelaNBill
    Love it!!!
  • Garbage

    By Pussie lover
    This band can’t put out one decent jam. Good thing I wasn’t holding my breath for this album. Can’t ever recreate the original band so Change the name and do something different like pumping gas or parking cars. Only band that still is holding it together and pumping out insane jams is Enuff Z Nuff. True Rockers. Only way I would go to an AIC concert is to feel up chicks.

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