• Genre: Children's Music
  • Release Date: 2019-01-18
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 18

  • ℗ 2019 New Razor & Tie Enterprises LLC d/b/a Kidz Bop., Distributed by Concord Music Gro


Title Artist Time
I like It KIDZ BOP Kids 2:40 Free Download
No Brainer KIDZ BOP Kids 3:04 Free Download
Girls like You KIDZ BOP Kids 3:02 Free Download
Breathin KIDZ BOP Kids 3:08 Free Download
Youngblood KIDZ BOP Kids 3:24 Free Download
In My Feelings KIDZ BOP Kids 3:01 Free Download
Happier KIDZ BOP Kids 3:25 Free Download
Beautiful KIDZ BOP Kids 3:01 Free Download
Lost in Japan KIDZ BOP Kids 2:52 Free Download
High Hopes KIDZ BOP Kids 3:10 Free Download
Better Now KIDZ BOP Kids 3:35 Free Download
Eastside KIDZ BOP Kids 2:53 Free Download
Back to You KIDZ BOP Kids 2:54 Free Download
Natural KIDZ BOP Kids 3:09 Free Download
One Kiss KIDZ BOP Kids 3:10 Free Download
Love Lies KIDZ BOP Kids 2:46 Free Download
This Is Me KIDZ BOP Kids 2:53 Free Download
Sit Next to Me KIDZ BOP Kids 3:08 Free Download


  • I’m not sure

    By Notmegalovainia
    Stoopid covers, but bearable songs.
  • AWFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!HORRIBLE!!!

    By hfcrjmuhxk
    Kidz Bop is completely trash. It hurts my ears with what they have done to songs. They murder good songs like noone else can or wants to hear! Don't waist your money
  • Y

    By Musicman7101
    Y just Y
  • Da faq

    By Basketballdog07_
    Wit is fis crap
  • Fantastic

    By silly gj
    This music is for kids that love dancing to songs they love that has bad words but this is clean so kids can have fun to dance with these songs
  • Why does this exist?

    By _will17
  • CRAP

    By 👉👌👍👍👍👍
  • My Honest Opinion

    By Me 🧐
    Hi Kidz Bop, I know that some people like getting feedback about stuff and others don’t, I’m not sure about you guys, but this is what I have to say: (by the way, I’m 16, so this is my honest feedback to you) I know that you’re KIDZ Bop, and some parents who have young ones don’t approve of artists who swear a lot. I’m sure that they’re glad that you sing these covers without those certain words, but also, it’s 2019, kids are getting exposed to certain things, maybe they shouldn’t be exposed to them, maybe some parents aren’t as strict, but word travels fast, they might not know what certain swear words mean, which is both good and bad, we shouldn’t use inappropriate language in front of kids, either way it’s just wrong to, so I’m glad that you guys all make these albums and do covers of songs that are popular, but I also think that if these are for KIDS, most young children would not be listening to Cardi B, Drake, ANY explicit artist, etc. and be able to comprehend what they say. I don’t like swearing if it’s directly to a person, and I understand that cussing can help artists with expressing themselves, which I’m glad they can express feelings and such, but still, swearing is super offensive to people, I don’t like cuss words either, I’m glad you change certain words, but not everything needs to be censored or rewritten. You guys sound pretty auto tuned in most of the songs you’ve covered, I’ve never been a huge fan of covers, but y’all sound squeaky. I like that these are clean, it’s good to not swear in songs that a child could be listening to, but these songs sound ok, like I’m not a great singer at all, but I think I sound better than all the auto tune in these. Also, if you don’t have permission from the original artist of songs used in these, I think that’s copyright, I don’t know if you guys have permission to cover these songs, so yeah. The original versions of most songs on here are better when it comes to sound, but they still curse. Maybe you can keep covering these popular songs for kids and parents who would appreciate clean songs, but I also think you guys could try to sing with less auto tune, it hurts my ears. Pros: There are less swear words in these cover versions of the song The songs are catchy It’s helpful to kids who get to hear these well-known, popular songs while being aware of the meaning of it while cussing. Cons: It’s a bit too auto tuned, I’m sorry The auto tune hurts my ears Possibly copyright/plagiarism? Expensive for a compilation.. Anyways, Kidz Bop 39 is okay, it’s not the worst, but it’s not best either. I know you guys were not asking for an opinion, but if honesty is actually the best policy, I am being honest. From MD, 16.
  • Omg

    By marie clareeeeeee
    The best song is Eastside but omg love love love this album!! 💗
  • Amazing

    By madisonsulacowan
    I’m 11 and I love kids bop I have love it seens I was 4-5 why is everyone giving hate? It’s so amazing

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